Monday, January 24, 2011

Out of touch

David Davis is running the meme that Cameron and his cronies are, with the departure of Coulson, at risk of getting out of touch with the rest of the population.

This is tosh. The Cameron clique and its devoted claque have never been in touch with the population. But the worst of it is that they have never tried to get in touch, or even felt the need so to do. They come from that peculiarly British, upper class "toff" section of society that believes it already knows what is good for the common man. They need nothing so vulgar as contact with the oiks to inform them of what needs to be done.

For the likes of Cameron, communication is a one-way street. He talks, we listen. He would never actually see the point of having it any other way. And that is why he and his little mates, in the fullness of time, will crash and burn. We will do our best to help him on his way.