Friday, December 03, 2010

The march of the incompetents

Yesterday saw the ultimate humiliation of that fool Cameron, who was unwise enough to allow himself to get involved in the England world cup bid. It is no business of a man who purports to be a prime minister of a once great nation to meddle in such issues, even without taking into account the very high risk of failure.

But then, the euroslime hasn't had a particularly good week of it, with Bruno Waterfield reporting that he has failed in his endeavour to cut back the EU framework budget for the next spending round.

The lad was trying to get a budget cut from the current level of 1.1 percent of Gross National Income to 0.85 percent – but even this modest reduction is something the "colleagues" have failed to agree on, leaving him high and dry.

Then, in a week where snow and freezing weather has brought the UK screeching – or slithering – to a halt, we now have good evidence that HMG has been unduly influenced by the Boy's global warming obsession - proof that they are under-estimating the extent to which we are in a cooling cycle.

It would appear that the Department of Work and Pensions has budgeted only £40 million for the whole winter, to cover cold weather payments. Yet the early bout of arctic weather has already triggered £100 million of extra benefits spending.

Of course, if energy prices had not been artificially inflated by a combination of government policy and incompetence – if there is a difference – there would be no need for cold weather payments, which kick in when temperatures are recorded as falling to freezing point over seven consecutive days.

And, given that last year's winter payment amounted to almost £300 million, and this year's winter is already colder, earlier, it looks as if Cameron and his little mates might have to find at least an equivalent sum, if not considerably more.

If the man had spent a little more time on evaluating policy areas for which he is responsible, if he listened to the right people, and then avoided the facile displacement activity in which he has so recently indulged, he might at least have saved himself (and us) some embarrassment - and possibly a few hundred million as well.

But then, that would actually require a degree of competence and political intelligence, neither of which we are likely to get out of this man.

Yet into Zurich went David Cameron, making promises of not only billions for an England World Cup but billions more to help FIFA spread the football gospel around the world.

And nor, for once, are we entirely on our own here, with Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail railing at our incompetents. He writes:
After the embarrassment which followed, our student protesters are entitled ask why the nigh-on £15 million squandered on this ill-begotten venture was not better spent on providing them with a university education. England never had a chance yet they carried on spending lavishly.

By the time they arrived in Zurich - bleating about the media - they were like a football team citing injuries and fatigue as their excuse in advance for losing. Shame on them ... From England yesterday it was a case of too much hot air. Too late.
What did we do to deserve these idiots and this shambles?