Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simply reckless

An extremely good piece on energy policy in The Mail on Sunday: "The government is betting the farm on the throw of a die. What's happening now is simply reckless," it says.

There really is no point in me re-inventing the wheel and reviewing the piece in detail. Much of what is written has appeared on this blog in the past anyway. The real issue, I suppose, is to try and understand the mindset of the politicians – such as Cameron and Huhne – who keep this dangerous and corrupt system in place.

There is also a halfway decent article here from the Daily Failygraph. They are late to the table, but one needs to be charitable ... better late than never.

On the broader front, I am being increasing attracted to the idea of "psychic disease" – not mental disease, as such, but a corruption of the intellect which allows otherwise sane people to do dangerously stupid things. It seems to me that if we understand more of the pathology of this type of disease – especially in its epidemic form – then we might be better equipped to deal with it.