Friday, January 14, 2011

MSM on the ropes?

England Expects has picked up the latest Press Gazette circulation figures for the MSM. The Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Observer and Scotland on Sunday all posted average circulation figures more than 10 percent lower than the same month a year ago. Not a single title gained sales.

One is particularly taken with The Daily Telegraph figures. It does not seem so many years ago when the daily circulation was just over the million. Now it comes in as 631,280 copies, a fall of 10.23 percent on the year, another fall in the litany of decline.

Two of the titles which come out best are The Mail on Sunday, on 1,951,783 and the Financial Times on 390,121 copies. Both have lost circulation, but only -2.43 and -2.67 percent, respectively. The relatively modest losses may reflect their strong commitment to news and "added value" in that department. Perhaps, if The Daily Telegraph and the other titles upped their game, they might see the rate in the decline of their sales arrested.