Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An unforced error

Still not having fully recovered from his idiot comment on Kashmir, Cameron has walked into another row, this one on the number of black students in Oxford University, with the Boy claiming that one had been admitted in this current academic year.

The information is clearly false, and Oxford University has issued a statement saying that the figure is "highly misleading". It referred only to UK undergraduates from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds in a single year – 2009/10. In fact, it said, in that year 41 undergraduates with black backgrounds were admitted to the university. In addition, 22 per cent of Oxford's total student population came from ethnic minority groups.

This has attracted some ribald comment from Damian Thompson on a Failygraph clog, and much more besides.

It always has been obvious, but with each passing day it becomes more so, that this Boy is not up to the job. A prime minister should not be making this succession of unforced errors. Either he has appointed poor advisors, or he isn't listening to them. And, if he is making this sort of mistake in public, what on earth is he doing in private?

The man is losing it.