Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sending a message

Andrew Ryan is the author of his own misfortune, but the mishandling of this episode by the establishment is what will be remembered.

In particular, we had Inspector Paul Marshall, of Carlisle CID, saying after the sentencing: "Today's result shows how seriously we take hate crime in the county". It does no such thing, of course. It simply reinforces the impression that whites are being dealt with more severely for the same crime than Muslims.

And, if that is the message Carlisle magistrates wanted to send out, then they have succeeded. They have done a very stupid thing. And there is nothing more corrosive than a sense of unfairness, where one group gets the idea that it is being treated differently than another. But, as Raedwald points out, this is increasingly the case.

Littlejohn makes the same points - except he gets paid very highly for making them – but no one is listening. This is unsurprising, when you think what we are dealing with - the rot starts at the top and there we have a prime minister who "is an opportunist who doesn't believe in anything". So says Peter Hitchens.

In that context, our attention is drawn to the closing parts of Dave's speech on AV. The link between this and Ryan is not self-evident, but it is all part of the continuum. Dave tells us that: "If you want a system that lets you, as the Americans say, 'throw the rascals out'. If you want a system that makes your politicians accountable ... You must vote on May 5th, and you must vote No to AV".

This is a man who is not living on this planet.  He is not in touch with reality. We have a man who refused us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and who is content with ceding the nation's powers to an unelected supreme government in Brussels, one which we can't throw out and most certainly is not accountable. And he has the sheer brass neck to come up with that trite garbage?

This isn't a speech. It is taking the piss. There is no other way of dealing with something like this. You can't treat it fairly and honestly, and consider it on its merits. It is not a fair and honest speech. The only thing you can do is reject it in his entirety for what it is - a studied, deliberate insult to our intelligence. There can be no half-measures. For all his fine suits and expensive manners, this man is as much scum as Andrew Ryan.

But this is the scum that has risen to the top, and defines politics as we know it, for the time being. It is the likes of this man which inhabit the top of the Multi-Kult pyramid, divorced from reality, smug, arrogant and self-assured. It cannot last though. This man is sitting on a  powder keg – even our sheeple have their limits and are some day going to rebel.