Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Incoherence comes from

... the top, writes Bruce Anderson in the Baby Failygraph. Read on, if you must, and you will find these immortal words:
But many voters are neither strong nor self-assured. They often feel insecure, and angry about the mess which the country is in. People like that could identify with Mrs Thatcher, because they thought that she understood them. They do not believe that Mr Cameron does. He has won a lot of cautious respect, and deservedly so. He is good at appearing prime ministerial, and it is not just appearance. Even so, he has still to win the voters' confidence.
I actually made the mistake of buying the Failygraph today. It looked the best of a sorry bunch on the newsagent's stand. And it was a mistake. I think I have just bought my last newspaper. The news I can get off the web and comment I can get from an increasing number of high quality blogs.

The likes of Anderson, and the many others, are talking to the "bubble". They do not have anything to say that I want to read.