Monday, April 18, 2011

There at last

We're in "bread and circus" territory here, as the mindless media pile into the (front page) red herring raised by the idiot Hennessy. With not a brain cell between them, The Guardian's Richard Ehrlich and the hand wavers earnestly discuss types of date markings, and their relative merits.

Autonomous Mind takes a jaundiced look at the subject, noting that, to a man (and girlie), the media are oblivious to the singular fact that there is to be no change. Despite this, the story is repeated by dozens of media outlets, all chewing over the same misinformation, with not a single reference to the EU.

Then today up pops our favourite girlie with a new headline: "New labelling scheme to make clear the difference between 'best before and 'use by'". Consumers, we are told, will be encouraged to adopt a "sniff it and see" approach to old food under Government plans to cut waste.  That is what ministers are reduced to ... telling the electorate to sniff their food, because they no longer have the power to change the labelling.

Thus, using exactly the same picture as she did last time (above), the girlie tells us that, no ... after all that, the date marking isn't going to be changed. The ministers are just going to change the guidelines ... just like the Labour ministers did before them, to absolutely no effect.  The EU produces the law ... British ministers produce guidelines, telling us how to understand it.

And this time we even get to know why ministers are so useless. Richard Dodd of the British Retail Consortium informs us: "You cannot just do away with 'best before' and' use by dates' ... it is governed by EU legislation". Two years ago that was the case. Nothing has changed. Eat your heart out Hennessy ... please - and stop wasting our time.

Meanwhile, the rest of the media cretins are still romping around the subject ... a new maxim for them: all the stupidity that's not fit to print ... give it to us, and we'll print it. As for the Cleggerons, do they really think we are so thick that we would not notice their little games?