Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to us

Today is our birthday and we're seven years old ... that much older, that much wiser and ten times uglier. We've put up with seven years of lies and betrayal, promised a referendum on what was the EU's constitutional treaty and which became the Lisbon treaty. Blair promised us a referendum. Brown resiled. Cameron then promised us a referendum. He resiled. All the weasel words in the world will not change that. And nothing will change our view of politicians that did so.

This, then, at a very precocious seven years old, is a blog built on hope and expectation - but sustained by lies and our hatred, yes hatred, of the politicians who uttered them. Having been set up to fight a referendum, we did not expect still to be round to see our seventh birthday, but we are still here and will remain as a vocal reminder to those who lie to us, and cheat us of our rights and democracy.

That is not a happy note for a blog on what should be a happy occasion. These, though, are not happy times. But, as long as we do not outlive our usefulness, we'll do our best to spread some misery to our political enemies and lighten the load for our friends. And we'll look forward to celebrating our eighth.