Friday, April 15, 2011

Intellectual mildew

Well, this is a refined blog, so you wouldn't expect me to use a crude term like total bollocks for my title, would you? This is so bad this it's barely worth fisking. The trouble is that Dave will be tucked up with his morning bikkies, reading every word.

The thing is, it's all very well the urban luvvies, and the darlink little Zrinkas of this world talking about immigration. Let them come to Bradford and tell us whities to put our kids into schools where for eighty percent, English is a second language, and the koran is compulsory reading, and see how they like it. Let them walk the streets and have their women spat on because they do not wear a veil. Let them put up with the aggressive, rude little madams jumping the queues, all dressed up in their kafkas, burkits, with the slitty-eyed gaps in the front.

I used to be very tolerant on immigration. But when the biggest development in the city is a new mosque - and they are not even using local material, but importing it from Pakistan - where the Muslims are stitching up the local Council, own the local paper and take over every area they inhabit, it is time to call it a day. Integration? There is not even a pretence at integration, and in the inner city, we - the kafirs, the unclean - are the minority.

So yes, we have this filth in our midst who call us unclean - a "culture" that never invented toilet paper and uses their left hands to wipe their arses. And they call us unclean? I'm sick of it. It isn't about jobs, it isn't about resources. It's about having an alien culture in our midst, people who loathe and despise us, and reject everything we stand for - and don't even bother to hide it any more.

It doesn't matter how you dress it up. We have had enough.