Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not a very good job

Considering that this is what our boys and goils are supposed to be doing (preventing the deaths of all these innocent civilians) – when they can tear themselves away from the pool, that is – they are not doing a very good job.

In fairness, though – although they are not being very fair to us the taxpayer, or even Libyan civilians – they have an impossible job. And that is why they should not be doing it. You either do it properly or not at all. We had neither the will nor the means to do the job properly, and neither was it our business, so we should not be there.

But, as ever, the road to Hell is paved with politicians' egos, or in this case with the bodies of 10,000 Libyans. And all because slimy Dave wanted to posture and preen amongst his scummy chums. What a brave man he is, now sending military advisors fresh from their victories in Southern Iraq and Helmand. One hopes they are well-stocked with iPods.

When that goes belly-up, no doubt the touchy-feely little Dave will smile his self-deprecating little smile, and let his chums tell him that at least "he tried". But it does not change one iota the fact that, by any metric you choose to apply, this adventure has been a dismal failure.

Not only that, the worst is yet to come. There is no recovery. With every passing day, Gaddafi looks more secure, and the lessons will be taken by every despot and thug from here to North Korea. Dave, the victor of Benghazi, they all salute you.