Friday, April 15, 2011

Man of the people

Well done The Daily Mail for picking that one up – Ed Miliband doing his "man of the people" act – travelling first class to Coventry, then to be seen with the plebs on a Council estate. But so hypocritical is he that, when he is to be interviewed on the train, his aids scurry around removing the "First Class" seat covers.

This is the man who would be prime minister ... a man no better than the present incumbent. What is disturbing, though, is that too many people – and the media – still see politics in terms of the merry-go-round. Euroslime Dave loses popularity, so they look to Miliband. One day they will learn that they are all the same and none are worth voting for.

That, of course, is the issue with the AV referendum. Since it makes no real difference WHO you vote for, with our supreme government in Brussels, it is a matter of supreme indifference HOW we vote for them. This is something for the political classes to get excited about – one telling me that we must vote against AV otherwise we end up with the Lib-Dims as "king makers". And the difference will be?

Either way, we end up with posturing scum like Miliband. One and all, they are putting on an act for the plebs, and they are stupid (or vain) enough to think they are getting away with it. It was ever thus, of course. Perhaps we are just more aware of it, less deferential and more iconoclastic.

But there is a mood out there – even seasoned political commentators are beginning to realise that things are amiss. It ain't just the hoodies who are giving the politicians the finger.

I don't think we're ready for the tumbrils quite yet, but I hope there is a little man in a back street somewhere greasing the axles. We wouldn't want to wake the neighbours when we roll them out.