Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dellers on blogging

The blogger's blogger describes the addiction in The Spectator, with an uncannily accurate assessment of the state of the art. Consider my friend Richard North, he writes:
... whose EU referendum blog has just had its ten millionth hit. His areas of interest and expertise are so broad, from the EU to defence procurement to Afghanistan to climate change to the NHS, that you need scarcely bother with newspapers: go to North and you'll get more accurate reporting and usually more scoops than almost anything in the print media. North performs this valuable service gratis because he happens to be a workaholic in a state of constant fury about the injustices of the world which he hopes (mostly in vain) to avenge with his burning sword of truth. It will, I fear, be the death of him.
A "state of constant fury" ... hmmmm. Everybody who knows me knows I'm a pussycat. Calm, friendly, tolerant, even-handed, laid back ... Can't think what the Dellers is talking about. But he's right about blogging. Read the rest of the piece.