Saturday, April 23, 2011

Serious overkill

So good was the police "intelligence" in Bristol last Thursday that they failed to realise that there were only four people in the house they raided.

The four occupants of "Telepathic Heights" also denied they had been manufacturing Molotov cocktails in the squat. "We had no intention of attacking Tesco whatsoever", said Gavin Houghton, 28. "It was never on the cards – we have nothing to do with the anti-Tesco protest. They're a separate group".

Houghton added: "This is a nice building and it would be suicide if we started throwing petrol bombs off the roof. We would never do that. It's not what we're about".

Nevertheless, it took between 30-40 big brave bobbies, all dressed up in their riot togs to subdue this gang of desperadoes. We are so lucky to have such fine public servants, dedicated to the maintenance of law and order.