Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alarming stuff

The stuff here all looks rather excitable and lurid ... except that it does not actually begin to describe the true horror - I've seen the sworn witness statements.

The blogger, Liz Watson, who originally posted the details, was forced to take them off her site, and was due in the High Court in London today, for a committal hearing to be sent to jail for posting them. (If the details go missing again, they are posted here as backup). But for a car accident that had hospitalised her, she would have been standing alongside Vicky Haigh, who was also facing a stiff jail sentence for passing on the details.

However, when the press turned up to the hearing, Doncaster MDC Social Services, which had applied for the committal order, suddenly took fright, and the hearing has been "adjourned". Booker hopes to be reporting in more detail on Sunday.