Friday, April 20, 2007

Iranian students protest

Via Gateway Pundit we get news of continuing student protests in Iran and the growth of student blogging. He also links to Kamangir, who advises caution when interpreting what those blogs say. There are links to the blogs themselves. Well worth reading.

Of particular interest, in my opinion, is the protest by 700 female students against the requirement to wear a veil.
Female students at Tehran Polytechnic University, where students protested against Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a visit last December crying 'dictator go away' and throwing firecrackers, are staging a major protest against new regulations enabling police as of 21 April to arrest women who do not abide by the Islamic dress code. A group of 700 female students organized a rally on campus and signed a letter to the dean calling the new rules "an offence to the dignity of women" and accusing him of "wanting to extend to academia the sexual apartheid imposed by the government on Iranian society."
Not to worry, the authorities are responding. Firstly, they have withdrawn all the protesting students' ID cards and secondly will make them face a disciplinary commission.


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