Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another language

It is not possible to assert with any confidence that these people come from another planet, but they certainly sound as if they do.

According to German government spokesman, Ulrich Wilhelm, chancellor Angela Merkel, the current EU president, and Czech president Vaclav Klaus, have struck broad agreement on the way forward for the EU constitution. Thus we are told: "They agreed that at the European summit in June there needs to be consensus not only on a roadmap but on the orientation of the content (of the treaty)."

With that, EU experts from the German government, it now seems, are touring European capitals trying to build consensus and identify potential obstacles. Having softened up the opposition (they hope), Merkel will take over in mid-May and attempt to schmoozle her "fellow European leaders" with the idea of getting something "concrete" by the June European Council.

He hope she has better luck understanding her own official spokespersons than we do. Even when they speak English, it comes out as another language.


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