Saturday, October 21, 2006

The eyes have it

The Telegraph editorial is as good as any. "The veil stretches our tolerance to its limits", it says.

And it does – quite genuinely. I see these little madams prancing around on the streets locally and they are offensive. As the Telegraph observes, these are largely Pakistani women, yet they are adopting an Arabic form of dress. This is not a religious custom. It is a political statement.

If la Azmi felt this was discrimination, then it was precisely what she wanted. In making a statement that she was different and wanted to be treated differently, how can she then complain if people respond.

But how dare the employment tribunal award her damages for "victimisation". She should get not one penny of public money and, furthermore, since she has been suspended on full pay since February, she should be made to repay her salary.

And what a wet, wimpish response from the Boy King, suggesting that Muslims in Britain are now feeling "slightly targeted". Oddly enough, we have some people in Iraq and Afghanistan who are more than "slightly" targeted. They are being brought home in body bags.

If la Azmi thus feels a tad "targeted" herself, there is a very simple remedy – she could take her sad little person off to Al Amarah where the local police will be very happy to hear her complaints when they can find the complaints desk or, indeed, the police station (see picture above).


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