Friday, October 20, 2006

Blood on their hands

Flashback to Thursday 22 June 2006 and the House of Commons, where Tory backbench MP Ann Winterton challenged defence minister Adam Ingram thus:

As our forces appear to be winning the firefights in Afghanistan, does he expect those who oppose our troops there and in other theatres to revert to the use of improvised explosive devices? If so, what vehicles are our forces to be equipped with to counter the threat?
Now fast forward to The Times today and read:

Whatever the intensity of that past action, Nato forces could use their airpower to telling effect against concentrated Taleban formations in Helmand and neighbouring Kandahar province. Now suicide bombers and small groups of Taleban are striking across southern Afghanistan, ambushing convoys and killing Afghans employed by foreign organisations.
No one, but no one in a position of authority can pretend they are surprised by current developments. Our soldiers' blood is on their hands.


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