Saturday, May 09, 2009

Perfectly logical …

Charles Moore in The Daily Telegraph writes in respect of the MPs' expenses controversy:

So I'm afraid that for many people in the European and local elections in June, it will seem perfectly logical to vote for the BNP. The old "they're all the same" refrain seems true; therefore people will want to vote for a party that isn't. The main parties talk of combining to "exchange information" to help keep the BNP out. This is crazy: it will only confirm the idea of an intra-party conspiracy, an attempt by politicians to survive by being, collectively, "too big to fail".
We were saying that a while back. It wasn't an endorsement. It was an observation. And Moore is – as we were – perfectly right. Voting BNP is a perfectly logical position. And it is up to the mainstream politicians to give voters a reason why they should not.

So far, though, they seem to be ducking the issue. I caught the tail end of the Lib-Dim party political broadcast last night. Considering we are in a campaign for the euro-elections, it seemed rather odd that the one thing Clegg did not mention was the European Union. Did I miss something?