Friday, May 22, 2009

Another day ...

... another press release from Well, one of several, I suspect and all attacking UKIP. I still find that rather odd. Having made it clear that they are frightfully "pro-European" or, put into real language, in favour of ever more integration in the European Union, why do Libertas think that potential UKIP supporters will vote for them instead.

Then again, is anybody apart from me reading those press releases? Has anyone sighted any mention of in the media? People out there are discussing UKIP's and the BNP's chances but I have not heard a single mention of, not in Shepherds Bush cafes and launderettes, not around Oxford dinner tables, not nowhere nor nohow.

This particular attack on UKIP calls them political dinosaurs but it has nothing to do with the view that nation states are the way forward, an idea that clearly disagree with, unless they consider Europe a nation. This is about Godfrey Bloom announcing that he keeps his accounts in cardboard folders and not on-line. Presumably, that means he will not be publishing them on the internet, though he might if he is told to do so.

The question is, have those candidates who are sitting MEPs published their accounts on the internet; the next question is when did they do so; and if they have not why not.

Incidentally, still maintains that President Klaus has endorsed their party in the Czech Republic, though evidence there comes none. A little more honesty from the knights in shining armour would be in order. Still no attacks on the Conservatives, though their supporters may well vote Libertas as the ideas are not all that dissimilar. Hmm?