Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh joy!

The Guardian is telling us that two BBC environment and science reporters are to lose their jobs as part of BBC News's latest round of cuts.

The BBC's team of science and environment correspondents includes Roger Harrabin (pictured), David Shukman, Christine McGourty, Pallab Ghosh, Sarah Mukherjee and Jeremy Cooke, all of whom report for various news programmes across BBC TV and radio services.

"The science and environment beat is a massive growth area and the reporting team are pre-eminent so many there are puzzled to say the very least about it," said a BBC source. "It needs expertise for these stories, a lot of preparation needs to be put in, and to lose two reporters in one go is madness."

The source also pointed at the "huge irony" of the decision given the "importance the organisation places on climate change as part of the news agenda".

The real irony is that anyone can seriously suggest that being a BBC environment correspondent requires any expertise. After all, how difficult can it be to regurgitate press releases from the WWF and Friends of the Earth?