Friday, February 16, 2007

The alternative Friday toy

Well, the last lot of toy discussions went down well, didn't it. We had to lock the thread on the forum. And that just goes to show that serious alternative toys are no more popular among some of our readers than the ordinary ones.

So, back to basics. Here is Behemot again, clutching a pistol this time. I believe this is closer to the original text but, somehow, I prefer the other picture.

For one thing, Behemot is supposed to be a slick and elegant cat, who powders his whiskers with gold and hangs elegant opera glasses round his neck before the Devil's grand ball. The cat in this picture is a muscular tough.

Anyway, this one is dedicated to all those readers who have read the novel and liked it. It is also, I hope an inspiration for the others to read it.

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