Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh dear, not again!

The Euroweenies are at it again, ratcheting up the pressure on waste generation.

This comes from MEPs who are expected to vote today in favour of binding targets to reduce the amount of waste produced in the EU, amending the commission's proposed waste framework directive – which does not set any specific targets.

Needless to say, the paranoia over using landfill is being perpetuated, while recycling is very much to the fore. There is also expected to be some controversy about the commission's love affair with incineration.

For those who wish we could inhabit a saner world, however, there is always this over on Little Green Footballs. Well worth watching. Now offline - damn. A humorous exposition, demonstrating that much of the current mania for recycling is based on nothing more than a desire to feel good and has little to do with saving the planet. It actually damages the environment.


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