Wednesday, February 14, 2007

European politics just got more interesting

This is Lavinia Sandru, a candidate for May's MEP elections in Romania. She is currently an MP in the Partidul Initiativa Nationala (PIN). Without a blush, therefore, we can say that she is set (we hope) to become the EU parliament's newest PIN-up.

If that happy event occurs, she will also one of the newest recruits to the Eurosceptic Ind-Dem Group in the EU parliament, home of, amongst others, the UK Independence Party MEPs, headed by Nigel Farage.

There is already, we understand, considerable competition amongst the male members of the group to obtain a specimen of Ms Sandru's business card.

There has been no reaction from the Europhile Lib-Dems in the EU parliament, who recently had to resort to a comic book heroine in order to inject some glamour into their lives.

Thus they have invented the fictional Elisa Correr, an MEP who gets embroiled in a risky and fascinating adventure whilst in pursuit of her parliamentary activities.

When it comes to glamour though, it seems the Eurosceptics are ready to upstage them by producing the real thing. Why, they might be asking, should the Devil have all the best figures?


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