Monday, June 20, 2011

They really are all the same

I guess that if it was put to a public vote, a clear majority would be opposed to EU defence integration. But with the Tories forging ahead at high speed, we now have Labour shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy on exactly the same tack. What we think really is not important.

Britain's overstretched armed forces should be much more integrated with those of other European nations to help cut costs and bolster Nato, Murphy is arguing. He says that that greater European defence co-operation is "critical", especially in the procurement of new weapons and hardware, as well as in training.

The idea of "co-operation" is, of course, fatuous – and about as productive as sitting down with an adult tiger and discussing lunch. But all our politicians seem to dwell on this fantasy, presumably because they can't cope with the reality of what they are really proposing.

It goes without saying that this is an agenda that the Lib-dims fully support, so once again we see the three main parties partaking of common receptacle micturition (CRM). As always, this makes a mockery of any idea of democracy. You can vote for any party you like, but don't expect any difference. Three parties – one policy. You know it makes sense.