Thursday, June 23, 2011

A message of peace and love

On being convicted for posting offensive and menacing messages about DUP MP Gregory Campbell on Facebook, Daryl O'Donnell (31), from Belvedere Park in the Foyle Springs area of Derry, admitted posting a message on Facebook about Mr Campbell reading: "He's a dirty Orange lying b*****d and should get a bullet in the head. At least he would have got it for something — scumbag".

He denied that the message was offensive or menacing.

Now compare and contrast. The Boiling Frog highlights an "unintentionally hilarious" piece from the Guardian content partner, lauding fourteen Tory MPs for what it calls "mainstream Eurosceptisim".

This is from Tim Montgomerie, the "futile fourteen" wanting an "EU reform agenda" that includes: taking the taxpayers’ side in resisting further bail-outs; liberalisation of trade; the principle of subsidiarity; wholesale reduction of the waste for which the European Commission is responsible; and getting some value in return for the significant sums that UK taxpayers contribute to the EU's budget.

If that stupidity is what he calls "mainstream", then it is not surprising that he considers Cameron a Eurosceptic. Capture the vocabulary and you win the argument.

But this is in the same league as Mr O'Donnell. If Mongomerie is correct in his description, then declaring of him that, "He's a dirty Tory lying b*****d and should get a bullet in the head," is a message of peace and love. It is not in the least "offensive and menacing".