Monday, June 13, 2011

Not an ounce of sympathy

Busy all day, desperately trying to get the referencing finished by the end of the week, I look up out of my ghetto to see Philip Johnston whingeing about how confused the poor little Tories are, at the unTory-like behaviour of the Cleggerons.

But, you would have had to have been as thick as month-old, sun-dried porcine excrement not to have seen it coming. The Great Leader, Cameron, is not, never has been and never will be a Tory. What should anyone be "baffled" when his Grand Coalition doesn't behave in a Tory-like fashion?

But do you remember what all those dim little Tories were saying at the time ... what was it now? He was "keeping his powder dry", wasn't it? Only when he was elected would he show his true colours.

Well, he's now showing his "true colours" – which are exactly the same as before the election, when the self-delusional little Tory Boys were trying to convince themselves – and us – that he was really something quite different.

And are we sorry for them? More likely, we would prefer to rub their smug, stupid faces in the stuff they so closely resemble. Not even an ounce of sympathy could we assemble.

Now, unfortunately, we are saddled with the likes of the Boy. Under criticism even from his own party supporters, what does he do? He tells them to get stuffed, and decides to spend another £800 million, earning the plaudits of one of the richest men in the world and Mary Riddell. That's democracy for you ... vote us in, and we'll do exactly what we want.

Witterings from Witney has got exactly the point: less emphasis on who we actually vote for, and more control over those actually in office, even if Klein Verzet wants to execute them ... some of them ... for a start. Who am I to argue?