Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hitting the switch

It is not so much that the man pretending to be our prime minister looks a complete horse's hind - the great PR "expert" who can't even manage his own shoot – but that the media is so unrestrained in showing him in his natural light.

Looking at the recent publicity the boy has been attracting, it is fair to say that he must be hitting that infamous "switch" – that political phenomenon where, on one side you can do no wrong but, on the other, you can do no right.

It took Blair about six years for this to happen to him, although many will argue the precise point. But, if the Boy has reached the turning point, it must be one of the fastest times in living memory. Then, when you have such a facile, vacuous, young gentleman, this should hardly come as a surprise.

However, after so many years of calling a soil displacement implement a spade, it makes a pleasant change to be able to sit back and watch the MSM make the running for a change. Watching this man crash and burn is going to be truly enjoyable.