Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Double domed

Relayed via WUWT, it looks as if we're headed for a solar minimum - with the original press release reproduced here. And with a degree of understatement that one would usually have associated with the British of days long gone by, we are told, "the implications could be far-reaching".

The good news, of course, is that this stuffs the warmists – so comprehensively that their back teeth will be aching. The bad news is that, after generations of policy failure in the energy department and decades of warmism, we are stuffed as well.

Taking what comfort we can from this – if we are looking at a Maunder minimum, then we are already into the cycle and the effects should be measurable and indisputable within the decade. It will start to bite just in time to coincide with the power cuts. One wonders whether Cameron and his fuzzy-wuzzy warmists really have any idea what is going to hit them.

It really ain't going to be pretty.