Sunday, June 26, 2011

Has to be good

Anyone who can write this and then conclude with this:
In the meantime, I thank God for sending us Charles Moore; and I curse her for sending us Nigel Farage.
... has to be worth a read.

Talking to a cabinet minister just before Christmas, he writes, I was horrified at the urbane cynicism with which he observed, "The British don't like the EU, but they're never going to march about it".

Now, this may be true. Another thing that is true is that I tend to use the words "idiot" and "fool", rather a lot. I might even be in danger of over-using them. But nevertheless, this cabinet minister is a fool (mind you, most are).

The British may not march against the EU ... but they most certainly will be marching over the consequences of our membership of the EU. None of us know when ... but there is a certain historic inevitability about it. I hope he keeps his armoured limousine close by.