Monday, June 13, 2011

Go hang

After weeks of bone-dry conditions Britain's gardeners and farmers were begging for rain. Yesterday it began coming down in bucket loads – but in entirely the wrong places, says The Failygraph.

I dunno about weeks of bone-dry conditions - we've had rain since the beginning of June, and yesterday we had at least 12 hours of continuous precipitation, and extremely cold (for the time of year) conditions.

There are, however, warmists out there, telling us that this is the warmest/driest spring/summer/year. But they wouldn't get very far selling their religion on the street of Yorkshire.

All they could demonstrate is that the concept of a global average temperature is an artefact – and no one but a warmist would believe the figures, It's June, it's cold and we're spending a fortune on heating. They can go hang.