Tuesday, September 06, 2011

This is getting to be a habit

Today, 6 September 2011, you can read this in the Daily Failygraph, a warning on the costs of meeting EU waste requirements.

Those who wanted to get there first could have read this in The Guardian and then on this blog on 5 January 2006. The Failygraph story, however, is about MPs warning us. Nice of them to catch up … it has only taken over five years for them to pick up on something we were warning them about all those years ago.

And while the Idiot Boy anguishes about the cost of the agency workers directive, what is he going to do about these costs, which will fall on local authorities, and absorb any putative savings?

Chickens coming home to roost ain't even near. The trouble is that everything in the EU is slow motion. The gaps between the initial action and the consequences can be decades, so people (and especially MPs) listen, yawn, and go back to sleep.

Now, just when we least need it, we have to find another £8 billion, to meet another mad EU requirement, and there is nothing at all that the Idiot Boy can (or will) do about it. And then people wonder why we snort with derision when the little lambs in the Failygraph call him a eurosceptic - and even more when the fool claims the description for himself?

"I'm a very practical eurosceptic. I think it's right we stay outside the single currency and Schengen," he burbled today at the select committee hearing. As the man once said: "you can't be serious!"