Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freedom of speech?

No doubt, The Sunday Telegraph will claim to support the principles of freedom of speech and expression. But not, it seems, when it comes to Booker describing the actions of his colleague and Bradford MDC. If you look at the story as originally prepared for the press, and the copy as it went to the website, which is also how it was printed. You will find some curious omissions. No mention of North, and none of Bradford.

Once again, one has to observe, buying a newspaper is now simply an expensive way of being misinformed. And if they are leaving out details such as this, what else are they leaving out?

The issue here, however, is especially interesting. Google "bailiffs" in the news section and you may be surprised how few stories there are about bailiff malpractice - and none about their criminality. It is not only the police who are turning a blind eye, but the MSM as well. Our local paper has run a mile from the story, and other papers have ditched other aspects of it.

A while ago, this would have been serious - but no longer, now we have the blogs.  And yes, I know that our coverage does not begin to match the MSM - but neither did the samizdat leaflets in Soviet Russia. Collectively, though, we do reach the people who matter. The MSM is cutting its own throat.