Sunday, September 04, 2011

Telegraph hacked

The name server for the The Daily Failygraph has been well and truly hacked ... with the newspaper showing the above flash when you try to access its site. UPS has also gone down, and others including BetFair and the Register have been affected. The total number of sites affected are running to just shy of 200.

These hackers made the news recently when they hacked into the Korean HSBC. Last year, they broke into the Badoo Community site. But we are not laughing - we've been hacked and it's an unpleasant and alarming experience. But we do permit ourselves a wry smile. The Failygraph is so full of crap about how wonderful its website is - so you would think its technical wonks would be on top of this.

But they had not been able to prevent this attack and even at 22:30 BST, close to an hour after the attack started, they were having problems clearing the hack (although it affected some browsers and not others). It appears now that the hackers had rigged re-directs at the name server, so this was more than just straight site hacks.

We do actually wish the affected site operators well, even if it is fun watching (some of) them squirm. It will be interesting to see how the Failygraph explains why the site upon which they rely was so vulnerable.