Saturday, September 03, 2011

Disaffection is catching

Dellers is in fine form, writing this:
Yep, it seems like there's one rule for the political class and its cronies – and another one for the rest of us. If, say, you're Sir Reginald Sheffield Bt the father-in-law of the British prime minister you can make getting on for a £1000 a week (Actually ... per day) from the wind farms on your estates; if you're the wife of the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg you can make hundreds of thousands of pounds as a legal adviser to the Spanish wind farm company whose unsightly bat-chomping eco-crucifixes are going to be wrecking the British countryside.

If on the other, hand you're an ordinary punter, you're expected to sit there and take it as the cost of your energy is doubled, your standard of living lowered, the countryside you love is ruined, and the destruction of your ailing economy is accelerated by the policies of a government which no longer gives a damn what you think about anything.
Actually, I don't suppose they ever really gave a damn about what we think. It's just that they don't even bother hiding it now.