Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shaking the money tree

While the unions move to protect their own interests, which amounts to screwing more money out of us the taxpayers, we find that substantial sums are being extracted – almost certainly illegally – from Council Tax payers to fund local council fat cat salaries and pensions.

This is the story the mindwash media does not want to tell. They like to dictate the agenda and to keep people entertained and diverted with stories they decide are important. But it is not their agenda to dictate any more – the monopoly is broken.

Out there, about four million people a year are refusing to pay their Council Tax until they get a summons, and then councils have to go to court to get the money from about three million of these. That is a story.

As a rebellion, by way of a tax strike, this is in fact a very substantial event – but you see nothing of it in the media. Apart from the few self-help groups, each refusenik feels themselves to be making an individual protest. The councils and the media work to foster that impression. Yet this is a mass movement, with millions involved – some from principle, some because they have no option.

Rather than respond, however, councils have turned this into a vast criminal enterprise of their own, also feeding the jackals and hyenas of the debt-collection industry who are illegally milking the protest to the tune of at least £1 billion a year.

Now, you can roll over and whinge ... or go and write a really tough comment on the Failygraph website. Or you can fight back and win. The councils and their debt collector cronies rely on a divided, fragmented population, picking off individuals one-by-one, focusing the power of the state to intimidate and subdue. Our response is to force the councils, their employees and their agents, to obey the law – the law of the land ... not the laws they make up to suit themselves.

That starts by asking this question of your own council, through the FOI website which every council has. All it takes is one e-mail:
Please supply information on the number of Summonses and Liability Orders issued by the Council in respect of Council Tax, for each of the financial years since April 1992 to the present, itemised separately by year and document type, and the total sums charged for each year, again itemised separately by year and document type.
Do it, and let me know the answers ... this wholesale looting must be brought to a halt - and it will only happen if we, the people, make it so. Shake the money tree and see what falls from it.