Thursday, September 29, 2011

The master of irrelevancy

With the nation poised on the brink of an economic catastrophe, the like of which may exceed in severity the Great Depression, The Boy steps in with an ultimatum … to supermarkets on their use of plastic carrier bags.

Mrs EU Referendum suggests the best use for one such bag might be to secure it over Cameron's head, for all the good he is as a prime minister. That he should be addressing such matters says all we need to know.

Technically, this is known as "displacement activity" where, unable or unwilling to confront the important issues, people turn to trivia and irrelevancies, using the activity to blot out matters they can't deal with. We are seeing the same with our media, as the pages fill with largely irrelevant tat and pointless clever-dickery.

Sadly – even with the conference season in full swing - our national politicians have written themselves out of the script. They have become irrelevant, as great events play out elsewhere and the moral fabric of the nation continues to fall apart.