Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not impressed

"This is a political construction … this is a political project" says the EU commission representative. Cut to Peter Oborne delivering extruded verbal material. I don't know why so many people believe this was a bravura performance as he dismisses the claim that the euro is a political project - which it is - and pontificates about economics … about which he knows little.

Oborne is staking his reputation on the "guilty men" meme, but the comparisons are not appropriate, and the man is now coming over as a loud-mouthed bore. I'll say it again – the real guilty men were and are the journalists like James Kirkup, Fraser Nelson and, yes, Peter Oborne - who kept EU issues out of the media, and played along with Cameron who sought to suppress discussion on the EU.

Oborne now lauds the Tory politicians who spoke against the euro – mentioning Hague on this programme – omitting to say that this man was the progenitor of "in Europe but not ruled by Europe". None of these Tories opposed the EU from principle, and even the Great Bill Cash sought "reform" rather than abolition.

In his rush to re-write and re-interpret history, not once does Oborne mention Sir James Goldsmith. He is providing a smokescreen for the Tory europhiles, who saw political expediency in opposing British membership of the single currency, but nevertheless supported the EU as a political project - and continue to do so.

I am sorry, but I'm not impressed by Oborne. I'm saddened that UKIP – as so often – display their lack of political acumen, and rush to applaud this man on the basis of last night's performance. As one of Cameron's most ardent supporters, he is not our friend. He is the face of the enemy.