Saturday, March 06, 2010

The dance of the seven veils

David Cameron, we are told, has promised to "make things better without spending more money" as he ramps up his general election campaign.

Attacking wasteful government spending, he pledged that a future Conservative administration would "get more for less". However, hopes that Mr Cameron would begin to spell out how and where he would cut spending were dashed for now. He is expected to unveil his proposals to cut expenditure in the coming weeks.

Instead, all we get it the rhetoric. "... the question in 2010 is this: who do you trust to make things better without spending more money? Today we certainly cannot afford more waste, more bureaucracy and more overspending from a Labour government," says the Boy King. "At a time like this you need the people with the grit, the determination and the new ideas to get more for less – and those people are the Conservatives."

What new ideas?

And the Tories wonder why they are doing so badly in the polls? It's this shimmering, tantalising "dance of the seven veils" that really grates. But when the veils come off, there's nothing there – just as we saw with the EU policy. "We will not leave it there", said the Boy, and then proceeded to do just that.

Talking with Booker et al on the very issue of cutting public expenditure, we reckon that we could cut at least a £100 billion from the budget without anyone noticing (apart from a rather large number of soon-to-be redundant public officials). Yet, after nearly five years as leader of the not-the-Tory-party, this is all the Boy has to offer. He deserves to lose the election.