Friday, December 19, 2008

The cooling has it!

Looks like all those trucks will be wasted!

And an intriguing thesis from Watts up with that. Carbon dioxide levels follow temperature, rather than the other way around. With the current spate of cooling, we can expect CO2 levels to plummet, adding negative reinforcement to the cooling trend.

I guess we knew this already, but the comments on the expanding biosphere are interesting. The corollary must also apply. If we get cooling and then falling CO2 levels, the biosphere contracts. That is of more than academic interest. The biosphere - or part of it - is what we eat.

That is the really scary thing about this global warming miasma. Even a temporary cooling will have significant effects on global crop yields. A shortfall of even five percent would wipe out global grain reserves, creating a global food deficit. The implications of that are massive.

Such a calamity, however, is readily avoidable, with a little forethough - changing in cropping patterns, putting more land into production, changing seed types, etc. But this needs planning. With governments obsessed with global warming, however, no one seems to be thinking of how to deal with the prospect of cooling, so no one is doing any planning.

Global warming, therefore, could end up creating a crisis for mankind, but not in the way that AGW advocates believe. The obsession, rather than the actuality, could be the cause of our downfall.

  • Meanwhile, the EU is doing it best to handicap attempts to maintain our food supply – not that you would guess this from the BBC.