Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is there a hidden message?

In a breathless piece on the Conservative Party website shadow defence secretary Liam Fox is warning that one the Royal Navy's main bases at Portsmouth or Plymouth could be closed down in a programme of "radical reductions" being masterminded by Labour ministers who have already slashed back the number of warships in the fleet.

We are told that, after defence secretary Des Browne slipped out his scheme to review UK naval bases in an obscure written statement - hoping to hide the news by coinciding the announcement with a briefing on his first major speech - Dr Fox questioned the Government's commitment to the Royal Navy.

Accompanying the piece though is a picture of an aircraft carrier (shown above) – but not as you might think a Royal Navy vessel. This is an aircraft carrier from the US Navy – probably Nimitz class.

Is there a hidden message here – or is this just the usual incompetence, the Conservative website managers being so thick they do not even recognise a US warship?


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