Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still think you would win?

A Mail on Sunday poll tells you all you need to know. A straight "in-out" gives a ten-point majority to the "no" camp, while the fantasy option of a renegotiation gets the majority of 18 points. The staying in "on current terms" gets a massive 45 percent majority against. However, those polled are not asked what their intentions would be if they were told that renegotiation is not an option.

If this was for real, you can be assured that it would be taken as a decisive vote against EU withdrawal. It isn't for real though, but if Cameron or his successor were forced into a poll, you can bet it would be rigged in a similar fashion, to get the "right" answer.

This is not that difficult to work out, and those who are so ardently pushing for a referendum need to think very, very hard about whose interests they are serving in so doing. Our masters are not going to play it straight, which means the referendum campaigners are walking into another trap.