Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The feel-bad factor

Pensions are evaporating, unemployment is soaring, and the winter energy bill is set to increase by £2.9 billion, up to £14.7 billion. Rail fares are spiralling, wrecking the economics of commuting, to the extent that, for many people, a spacious living environment is an "increasingly unattainable luxury". Inflation generally is predicted to rise again and manufacturing output has stalled.

But never mind, The Boy is on the case, planning new (but ineffective) controls on net porn – while the media focuses on the increasingly bizarre doings of Fox. We are so lucky to have such a Great Leader – and such Great Media.

I've got a book index to finish - a job I seriously hate doing, so EU Referendum Towers is in snarl mode until it is done ... three or four days of hell. Perhaps things will be brighter when I get to "z".