Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Permanent austerity

It's good to think that the EU Commission has an answer for something. Unless you are a Commissioner – or on the EU staff, of course, it believes you should live your life out in genteel and ever-increasing poverty. But there must surely be a limit to EU officials filling their boots, before outraged populations call a halt.

Trichet may believe that this is an economic crisis, but the way our political classes are playing it, they are looking to turn it into a public order crisis, the like of which has never before been experienced. The EU is really close now to its objective – uniting the peoples of Europe.

The unity, though, is only in our detestation of our politicians and their money-grubbing officials. Yet still they have not realised how much they are hated. We can only hope - for their own sakes - that they eventually get the message.