Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Behind the curve

The sentiment is fine, except that, once again, the MSM cannot cope with the fact that none of these are or ever will be eurosceptics. They are politicians – and Tory politicians at that.

The supreme irony of Monday's debate, the Mail continues, "is that it was called in answer to a mass public petition … In the event, the e-petition gimmick served only to highlight and deepen the yawning democratic deficit between the rulers and the ruled".

But no, it wasn't an e-petition. The paper can't even get that right, so when it comes to "nuances" like the nature of euroscepticism, it is unsurprising that the papers are nowhere to be seen.

The tragedy is that so many people still believe the MSM has something to offer (even if the number diminishes by the day). Take "europlastic", for instance. You will find nearly 2,000 recent mentions on the blogs – in the MSM, there are none

Political society is splitting two ways – those who read the blogs, and the little lambs who suck the pap.