Monday, October 03, 2011

Fake Tories

Our political class exists in a bubble so remote from reality there is just no point taking their witterings seriously any more, says Dellers. In particular, he has a go at that stupid woman Theresa May, and her posturing on the Human Rights Act.

She would have us believe that she wants to "axe the Act", except – as Dellers points out – the UK cannot withdraw from the ECHR without also leaving the EU. And May's master-in-crime ain't going to allow that. The whole thing is conference fluff.

And illustrating exactly the point Dellers makes, we see the Taxpayers' Alliance on the conference fringe. They have assembled Matthew Elliott, "Chief Executive", Douglas Carswell, Patrick O'Flynn, "Chief Political Commentator" of the Daily Express, Tim Montgomerie and Priti Patel, all to tell us: "We need to talk about Europe".

No … really? I'd never have worked that one out.