Friday, October 21, 2011

Dead dictator trumps "Europe"

Even though he was shot down like a dog after he had been captured, the BBC nevertheless managed, rather decorously, to report that Gaddafi had "died" today.

There will be no tears shed for him, except perhaps the oil and gas companies which had signed lucrative contracts with his regime. Now we wait to see what the rebels do, and who they favour with their contracts.

One person who, doubtless, will be delighted is The Boy. This was shaping up to be "Europe" weekend in the media, and events in Libya will drive it down the agenda, as indeed it has today.

The media, these days, only seems to be able to deal with a single issue at a time and, suddenly, "Europe" isn't it. With Labour and the Lib-Dims whipping the debate, it's going to be a non-event anyway. And, as we approach the dawn of a new epoch, a dead dictator trumps a dead debate.