Friday, December 03, 2010

Prattling while the plebs freeze

Dellers is on fine form, stonking the climate change zealots, and drawing our attention to the Bastardi person who says we ain't seen nuttin' yet.

In any other circumstances, it would then be the height of comedy to learn that Prince Charles has descended from his fairy land to open the Science Museum's climate change gallery. This £4 million extravaganza is officially a "Climate Science" gallery, hastily renamed after "Climategate", prior to which it was going to be called the "climate change gallery" - which is, er ... exactly what it is being called, unofficially of course.

The huge fun here, of course, is that one of the main sponsors is Royal Dutch Shell, so it is "Big Oil" pushing the boat out - as it always has done, giving far more money to the lucrative climate change industry than it ever has the sceptics.

There was a time, of course, when the Science Museum did science, but now - as the sponsorship indicates - it is part of the corporate-govermental nexus, much approved by the BBC, up to its ears in EU money and networking, selling corporate dogma and belief systems.

And that is what it has come to, which is now clearer than ever as Britain freezes and the fools at Cancun prance. The good news there is that Japan has refused to extend the Kyoto agreement – a vhighly symbolic development, it having been the host to the original climate talks which spawned the agreement.

Needless to say, though, Louise Gray is out there with her daily scare, adding to the waves of derision greeting the increasingly fatuous Daily Telegraph, as the little girlie prattles about "ocean acidification". This is one of those classic science hoaxes which only a science-free newspaper could embrace without dissolving into laughter. Read this, by Dennis Ambler and it will tell you all you need to know.

But then, this isn't about science – it never has been. Like Dellers, we are gradually learning that the way to deal with it is to expose it for what it is – a series of mantras designed to support a belief system which in turn shores up a failed and increasingly oppressive power system, all sustained by fools and rent-seekers.

Small wonder that Prince Charles will waft through the snow today to open up the "climate change" gallery, with the BBC there to applaud, prattling while the plebs freeze.