Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The retreat into trivia

Even Richard Littlejohn is joining the fray over the useless windmills. But what is really interesting is that he, like so many, find this subject highly controversial – yet the Westminister politicians are silent on this and so many other vitally important matters.

In this context, we can't help but note that the Tory Boy Blog chooses to commend new MP Rebecca Harris, for "her parliamentary and extra-parliamentary efforts to promote the introduction of permanent daylight saving time," offering her the ultimate plaudit of "backbencher of the year".

There is your divide, ladies and gentlemen. The real world gets pissed off about the billions we are being forced to spend on useless windmills which despoil our precious countryside. The politicians retreat into trivia, prattling about daylight saving (i.e., Berlin) time, and the claque dutifully applauds.